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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Billing

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Billing

16 Nov 2018 18:20

In the case of Nepal Nepal Government implementing rules for electronic system for private organizations. It has several benefits and limitation implementing ebilling in the organization. 

We are in a technology driven generation which is moving towards increased reliance on the internet each day. This spurt in internet based transactions has led to almost every walk of life getting automated. Most of the people are making all transactions in the electronic form. One such activity following the trend of electronic medium is the billing system. Due to the multiple benefits offered by the electronic billing system many people prefer to take this mode nowadays. Online billing service is nothing but the process of delivery of bills and invoices in the electronic mode.

The electronic billing system is also widely accepted by various government organizations for the benefit of people at large. The electronic billing system can be used to transact with a particular service provider or in general with all the service providers utilized by the user. While it is true that online billing has many advantages it also has some disadvantages. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of the electronic billing system can be enumerated as under :-

Advantages of electronic billing :

1)      The first advantage is that it offers a paperless mode of transaction which is also environmentally friendly and clutter free for both the receiver and sender of the electronic billing.

2)      The online billing services are one of the least expensive forms of billing when compared to the traditional billing.

3)      The electronic billing system is absolutely hassle free as one can protect the bill with the help of password and can be opened only by the recipient.

4)      The electronic billing services are both customer friendly and also beneficial for the bill generators as there is focus on the process rather than on the mode of bill dispatch.

5)      The electronic billing also provides a great advantage of saving time and effort that are normally lost in a traditional billing system. Besides there is no loss of bill when making use of the electronic mode of billing.

Disadvantages of electronic billing –

1)      Most of the online billings systems are outsourced. As a result of the outsource billing there is a fee involved when making use of this system of billing.

2)      With online billing system there is always fear of safety and security to the personal information due to the increased spywares and malwares being rampant on the internet.

3)      When the electronic payment system is opted the customer account gets instantly debited for the funds that need to be paid while in a traditional billing system the customer gets sometime between the billing receipt and actual payment.

4)      There is likelihood of many disputes that may arise due to the downtime of internet on the website that support electronic billing system. This can lead to many users being dissatisfied with the entire system and reduction in its use.

While there are always both advantages and disadvantages tagged to any system, the success of the same depends on the prudent usage of the parties involved. The main criteria of the parties involved in a billing outsourcing should be to bring down the disadvantages and make the best use of the system for mutual benefit.