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Job portal design and development

Job portal design and development

26 Feb 2021 21:34

We are offering the best job portal development service in Nepal. Very professional and reliable development services in Nepal. 

Some listed Features In a Job portal 

Frontend features

Key non-functional features include:

  1. Highly secure: we develop our system and database with high-level encryption using the MD5 algorithm.
  2. Reliable and accessible:  All the features provided on the system will be more reliable access to everyone even disable people with eyes easily can read using a screen reader.
  3. Responsive design: De design user interface (UI) very responsive it looks like a mobile application on mobile and tablets.
  4. Branding and color combination: We always value your brand and we use brand-specific color (similar color used in the logo of the company) in order to maintain your high level of brand and professionalism.
  5. Attractiveness:  We design a website which looks more attractive neat and clean.
  6. Faster: Our database design and engineering are more optimized and so that the system will be faster to load.


 Key functional features include:

  • Home
    • Home Page slider: Appropriate slider with title text
    • Job Search: Job search box based on interest/categories
    • Featured Job: High priority job list on home page   
    • Customers/Clients review: Appropriate display of customers review with photos and text.  



  • Jobs
    • Filter/Search Jobs by: The search box will have different options to search the job based on interest and categories.  Such as:
      • Job Categories
      • Industry
      • Level
      • Job Level
      • Education
      • Employment Type
      • Location
  • Candidate
    • Candidates will be able to register their information based on their interests in order to get a job. After registration candidate will be able to add all the personal and professional information.
  • Employer/Post Job
    • Employer registers their information and posts job openings. The job posted by the employer required to approve by the admin in order to be featured on the homepage.
  • Recruitment process: This section includes all the recruitment processes of the company.                
  • About: This section includes information such as company (Mission, Vision, Goals, and Values), Chairman message and  
  • Login / Register: This section provides account authentication facilities such as login and register facilities for job seekers and job providers.
  • Blog: This section provides blog post facilities.  
  • Downloads and notices: This section includes download facilities for important notices and documents.  
  • Contact: This section includes the contact information, contact form, and google map of office location.



backend features


  • Setting: This section includes the configure all the company information such as logo, contact info, about message, menus (header and footer, slider, download etc.)
  • Employers  
  • Jobseeker  
  • Posted Jobs
  • Featured Jobs       
  • Content Management
  • Success Stories    
  • Invite Employer   
  • Invite Jobseeker  
  • Email Templates  
  • Ads      
  • Job Industries       
  • Institute      
  • Salary
  • Qualification          
  • Manage Prohibited Keywords
  • Manage Skills        
  • Manage Newsletters     
  • Job Alert Queue
  • Authentication control for all user
  • Blogs
  • SEO keywords setting



The design of the form will look as follows.


There will be an option to add the required field dynamically by clicking the add button on the information registration section.