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Business Advantages of Accepting Payments Online

Business Advantages of Accepting Payments Online

03 Sep 2018 09:45

Maintaining a high cash flow in the business is one of the top priority for any business. Keeping that in mind, most of the companies are opening their doors to accept payment online. Online invoice payment helps companies save time, are faster and save maximum efforts for the clients. It also helps in reducing excessive costs involved in physical transactions. By having an online invoice payment companies can give their clients an option to pay from the variety of online payment gateways around the world and make invoicing a hassle-free process. It also helps in reducing the significant amount of paper invoices that will be printed and used to send invoices. Furthermore, no more hassle of waiting for a check to show up, depositing it, and then waiting for the funds to clear. Collecting funds through online invoice payment is not as difficult as you may think.


Here are 10 business advantages that one may get after implementing online invoice payment to his/her business:


1) Instant Payment:

One of the great advantages of online invoice payment is that the payment is quick and hassle-free.One can easily make a payment sitting comfortably at home or office. The gateway to accept payment online provides the instant notification of the transaction that makes the customer remain assured of the purchased items.


2) Quick & Easy Setup:


Setting up an option to receive online payment is easy and quick to start selling minutes after implementing it. Moreover, there are many service providers available today that offers affordable plans with zero setup fee and very low transaction rates.


3) Credibility for Merchants:


An online invoice software with features to receive online payment is more secure and credible for merchants than receiving payments through cheques. A merchant instantly receives the money with no risk of bounced cheques and the fees associated with it.



4) Merchant Reliability:


Customers today often consider merchants more reliable that accept payment online through their site. It encourages them to do business with the merchant. At the same time, online invoice payment offers consumer with the fraud protection that secures their money if they don’t receive the product purchased online through a website.


5) Recurring Payments:


If you are offering some subscription-based services where your users/customers need to make payments after a certain period of time, the option to receive online payment could be more suitable for you. Instead of sending them reminders every time and requesting to send cheques for the payment, you can automatically collect payments after the end of the subscription term.



6) Credit Card Payments:


Customers can use their credit cards to make payments, even though they don’t have money in their bank account. More importantly, you can break down the payment into several installments, if you are selling expensive items. And one can use credit cards to pay you in installments.


7) Affiliate Marketing:


If you have an online invoice payment system in place, you can create an affiliate program where your affiliates can earn referral commissions by sending buyers to you. This will boost your sales and can find an affiliate network, working to increase your revenue.


8) Getting a competitive edge:


For a merchant, an option to receive online payment can improve reputation, allowing it to gain the trust of the customers. Moreover, when others have online payment systems, you cannot afford to ask for payments via cheques.


9) Influences buyers:


An online invoice payment method may influence customers to purchase items listed on the website. Since the transaction is quick and easy, and one can pay via credit cards, buyers are more likely to grab the deal, if there is an online payment system in place.


10) Last minute deals:


Many times, merchants throw cost-saving deals to lure customers. If you can receive online payment on your site, a customer can grab a deal even at the last minute. This will increase sales.

 online invoice payment




Invoicera supports 30+ payment gateway solutions that are right for your business. A list of payment gateways that are integrated with online invoice software.
Integration with International Payment Gateways (Forte, PayGate, SagePay, Eway, Ogone, BluePay, Network, 2checkout, Braintree, Authorize.Net, Stripe, PayPal, Moneybookers, iTransact, Setcom, paymate, VCS, creditcall).
Integration with US/Canada Payment Gateways (Alipay, FirstData, Psigate, Beanstream, Moneris).
Integration with Indian Payment Gateways (Paypal, Payoneer, Razorpay, Paydollar, Citrus, PayU India, EBS, Asiapay).


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