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Placement Search Portfolio

Placement Search Portfolio

16 Mar 2019 18:14

1.      Introduction.. 1

2.      Aim and Objectives. 2

3.      Labor Market Analysis and Recruitment process. 2



3.2.1.          Job Advertisement Process. 7

3.2.2.          Selection Process. 9

4.      Personal Profile. 9

5.      Creating Online Identity. 9

5.1.        LinkedIn Account. 10

6.      Conclusion.. 11

7.      References. 12

8.      Appendix 1. 14

8.1.        Appendix 1: SMART Framework. 14

8.1.1.          Aim.. 14

8.1.2.          Objectives. 14

9.      Appendix 2. 15

9.1.        Resume before changemaker hub. 15

Work Experience.. 15

Skills.. 15

Education.. 16

Certifications.. 16

Interests.. 16

References.. 16

Personal Information.. 16

9.2.        Resume After Changemaker Hub. 18



Developer and Project Manager 18

Reporting & Decision Making. 19

Lecturer. 19











  1.  Introduction

Studying Master of Business Administration (MBA) has demonstrated the good knowledge in the business sector. The key objective to preparation of this placement report is to get placement in the marketing field. First part of this portfolio discusses about the management and marketing and aim and objectives. After that, the second part presents the Nepal's labor market analysis report. And third part of this report will demonstrate the personal information including key education, skills, experience, interest and hobbies.  Finally, report will present the procedure of creating online identity and technique to get placement opportunity by using social media or online identity.  The term 'marketing' gets confusion to the people as stated by Elrick (2014), marketing is an exclusive area of knowledge which includes several different sectors, job descriptions and skills. As defined by Merriam-Webster (2013) key form of marketing is defined as: "The actions include in awareness of the people about product and services of the company and making confirm particular products are available to be bought". 

Previously I worked in the IT company which has enhanced mine skills, knowledge and experience regarding business working environment, culture and operation mechanism. Therefore, I have selected the MBA with placement-based learning which is offered by the NAMI college, Nepal, in partnership with The University of Northampton (UoN), U.K (NAMI, 2018).  My passion, desire, skills, knowledge and experience are relevant to MBA course of the the University of Northampton which has inspired me to be a goal-oriented, competitive business leader with specific goal and vision (University of Northampton, 2018)

The placement will facilitate me the real-world work experience and learning which will help to gain the specific work experience as well as transferable skills in the business sector which is advantage for us comparing to the other MBA graduates (NAMI, 2018).  

I have selected the marketing field in mine placement because, my future desire to be a competitive business leader, so marketing is very important factor in success of business which is attract of professions and motivates individuals. To be a successful business leader marketing is pre-requirement, marketing and promotion strategies can bring the business in the top position. Over most jobs of marketing are specialized, marketing characteristically attractions on your capability to match insight of the marketplace with realizable strategy of action (Elrick, 2014). Working as a marketer includes presenting a business in an encouraging light, demonstrating the case of why customer should buy drawing and products in focused spectators to reflect services and goods (Elrick, 2014).

  1.  Aim and Objectives

My current aim to get placement as a marketing consultant with some top business companies in Nepal such as Surya Nepal, Jagadamba Cement, NCELL, Buddha Airlines and NIMBUZ.

With the two SMART objectives: first objective is to get placement and make changes in the resume until I secure placement in the desire post and organization by 30th August 2018 (CV before change See Appendix 1). Furthermore, I will attach the resume after correction as per feedback and mandatory changes on the current resume (CV before change See Appendix 2).  The second SMART objective includes to gain real work experience in the marketing and management sector.

  1. Labor Market Analysis and Recruitment process

This section demonstrates the research on labor market in Nepal specifically marketing and management field.  The methods and process of get accesses for specific position. And secondly, report present the recruitment process for the specific job.   

As stated by the national census (2015), the population growth of Nepal has reached 26.5 million, it shows the high increment from the 2001 (223.3 million) and 1991(18.5 million) but it also has decline increment ratio from 2.25% in 2001 to 1.35% in 2011. Current population forecast of Nepal by United Nation (UN) as Word Population Prospects projected that the population growth will exceed 30 million by 2020. 

1: Source: UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, ‘World Population Prospects: The 2012 Revision’, http://esa.un.org/unpd/wpp/.

As stated by the national censuses (2015), the working age group (15-59) years population has enlarged by 2.7 m. within 10 years from (2001 to 2011). The normal population growth of Nepal is about 2% and same growth rate assumed for the next few years. Assuming same growth rate i.e. 2% in 2020 the population will be 18.1 m. it exceeds 20 m by 2025.  It has demonstrated 2% growth rate of the working age, there will entering an additional 5 m peoples in Nepal's labor market by 2015. This concept can be clear from the figure below (GIZ, 2015).

2:Source: National Population & Housing Census (2001 & 2011).

Regarding the quality workforce, it has significant improvement of Nepal in education sectors, especially secondary and primary levels. As stated by a survey of Nepal's living standards in 2010/11, the overall literacy proportion for the population 5 years and above is nearly 60%. A prominent improvement related to 50.6% in 2003/4.  However, variances across geographic regions, income quintiles and gender are still important. Although, female rate of literacy is about 20% it is points lower than men's population (GIZ, 2015).

The main connection among education and employment, as same case in many other low-income nations, in the case of Nepal most of the educated peoples are employed and the not working and unemployment rate is also low. Specifically, the rate of higher level education and employment rate for the demographic has been increasing regularly over the years (GIZ, 2015).

3: Source: Nepal Living Standards Survey reports, 1995/96, 2003/04, 2010/11.

The overall economy trends of Nepal also have been moving from agriculture to the service part, and it represent demand of high skills jobs like Marketing, HR, Accounting and other engineering are likely to increase (GIZ, 2015). 

4: Source: ‘Annual National Accounts of Nepal 2070-71 (2013-14)’,

Analyzing the recent data of Nepali labor marketing wages and educational achievement show the increasing rate of educational workers. The enrollment in higher education rate is also increasing. The pays for higher level educated peoples are also increased over the few years. Seeing the trends of the past few years lower levels education has either been rising or falling expressively (The World Bank Group, 2013) .  While pays for higher secondary and tertiary education has incising. The supply of educated labor force in Nepal has been increasing significantly, this trend represents the supply of lower level education is rising at a quicker than lower level educated worker supply is rising quicker than the market demand although demand for higher educated higher than increasing supply (International Labor Organization, 2014 and GIZ, 2015).

5 source: World Bank 2012; Calculations based on data from national labor force and household surveys.

Furthermore, analyzing the past data of Nepali labor market high skills jobs are increasing slowly and the demand for higher educated jobs with higher skills are still high comparing to the other lower level skills jobs. Above data shows the service industry in Nepal increasing faster, and the jobs of management, HR, Finance and marketing is also increasing in same rate (World Bank, 2014).    

      1. Job Advertisement Process

Most of the jobs of Nepal advertise through print media, web, visual media etc. Identifying the requirement of the company, job will be categories and puritanized and the company advertise the jobs most of national newspaper first then different jobs web portal and social media as well. Analyzing the current trends of Nepal most of the company utilizing social media to advertise the job such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube, Instagram and messenger (Axishrs, 2018).

Nowadays most of the people using Facebook page to advertise the job, because it has been more user friendly and accessible to more people than other medial. Facebook has been tool and platform for the Nepali market. Some updated organization has started to use online job portal to advertise the job. In the case of Nepal merojob.com and kumarijob.com has been very popular for the job advertisement.  Facebook and LinkedIn have facility freely advertise the job, but job portal required the cost for advertisement, so it still could not be famous. Nepal government and NGO's still using printing media to advertise the job, Kantipur News is most famous newspaper to advertise the job. Comparing to the online media it is going to be less efficient, because cost is really high than online media. 

Image result for job advertisement nepal

6: Job Advertisement sample of CocaCola in national newspaper.


8: Job advertisement in social media LinkedIn


      1. Selection Process     

The candidate applies for the specific vacancy with cover letter, resume and fill of the application of the company. This process mostly done through online and some of them are physical. After that, the company starts the selection process of job, first identify the resume and analysis it, if the specific candidate is suitable for specific post as mentioned by in his/her resume such as education, skills, knowledge and experience then HR manager of the company decide to call for an interview or not. After the interview company will decide another test such as written exam, practical test etc. as per their requirements (Axishrs, 2018). The selection process is different based on the companies HR strategy and government rules.

Nowadays most of the company tools and technology to hire employee, technology has facilitated the more feature such as for an interview candidate does not require to psychically visit the company because most of the organization has started to be using skype video interview and online test, it is more beneficial for everyone. In the case of Nepal few organization has started this trend, most of the organizations till unable to use tools and technology in the employee hiring process because of lack of skills and knowledge, and accessibility.   Most of the employee they even do not know about computer, so this is big problem in the Nepal to use tools and technology in the employee hiring process. The technology is also developing phase in Nepal. Because of those problems Nepal still following traditional approach to hire employee.   

  1.  Personal Profile

This part of assessment represents the development of mine personal profile, which contains my resume. Personal profile in online i.e. online identity are also significance that will be present next section of this assessment.  

First of all, I will look after the resume (Appendix 2 and 3) and make changes as per key requirements of the specific marketing and management job and I will also consult with the changemaker hub about development of mine profile and build of professional network.  I also thinking about to use changemaker hub's resume builder which might can help to develop very formal resume.  

  1. Creating Online Identity

In this 21st century to develop the online network and identity is very important because online identity helps to connect people with more business and society that makes people more accessible. Online application such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.  Accessibility and availability help to recognize specific people for specific purpose or right people in right place.     

    1. LinkedIn Account  


My LinkedIn ID: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nabaraj-giri-91641690/

LinkedIn is very essential social media it has many features for the social media marketer and brand. You can create your proficiency over the LinkedIn content platform, reach out to community and other via LinkedIn message, communicate or interact with professional community or peoples through brand groups and pages (Zimmerman and Ng, 2018). Also, LinkedIn provides opportunities to expand professional network every day. LinkedIn has good features to expand business connection more than using Twitter or Facebook (Zimmerman and Ng, 2018).



It is essential to use LinkedIn for following motives.

Human Resources and Recruiters specialists are on LinkedIn: Professional people who are hiring you would like to see your profile in LinkedIn. In real, if you are not on LinkedIn, it may discourage them to hire you. As an Example, are you not using internet?  you are expected to use LinkedIn, if you are looking for a job (Zimmerman and Ng, 2018).

Give (and receive) and testimonials and endorsements: LinkedIn permits your peers to endorse skills and write the references, and you can do same for other. Peoples who are looking for job candidates or networking connections will take automatically recommendation through analysis of your data over machine learning or AI feature of LinkedIn (Zimmerman and Ng, 2018).

LinkedIn has wide job listings: If you are job seeker, you can take benefits from the LinkedIn job search engine because several top business or brands are using LinkedIn to find the suitable candidate through job listing features. There is important job listing facilitated by LinkedIn (Zimmerman and Ng, 2018).   

Make significant professional connections: You are permitted to choose whom to connect with LinkedIn. Example, you may connect with employee, past co-workers and Fortune 500 executives but it is not sure who will accept your invitation (Zimmerman and Ng, 2018).  

Updating you're an online resume: If you are using LinkedIn you do not have to be worry about format of your resume and making the professional resume. You just have to click on the edit button and enter the required or desired information (Zimmerman and Ng, 2018).

Find the people who are viewing your profile: LinkedIn notify you who are looking your profile and you can easily connect with them (Zimmerman and Ng, 2018).

Create your expertise by using the LinkedIn content platform: LinkedIn allow you to create content, as well. Posting the articles can help to create your proficiency (Zimmerman and Ng, 2018).

Research other businesses: lots of business and brands exists in LinkedIn you can easily access the information regarding the specific business such as business profile and peoples who are working in the particular company etc. (Zimmerman and Ng, 2018).

Read news from your connections: News, updates, and tips updated by your connection which could be more essential to read (Zimmerman and Ng, 2018).

  1. Conclusion

In conclusion, overall output of this placement search portfolio in marketing and management, it has presented the introduction of the skills and knowledge, SMART aim and objectives, labor market analysis in term of Nepal and personal profile including social identity as well. The current market terns show the emerging marketing for the high-level jobs because most of the services industries are in Nepal in emerging phase. Furthermore, in order to market yourself it is more important to be active social media, as a MBA student it is required to have smart aims and objectives and implement it in the workplace. It is very important to have industrial skills and knowledge which adds the value in the working fields. In this 21st century it is most important to up to date about market and changing technology. As an employee creativity and innovation is most important factor for success.




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